Photo ID Bill Signed into Law by Governor McDonnell
Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

On March 25, 2013, Governor McDonnell signed into law Mark Obenshain’s Voter ID bill (SB 1256).  I first blogged about Integrity at the Polls a few weeks ago.

“Under the new law, voters will be required to show photo identification when casting a ballot, and anyone lacking ID can obtain one free of charge at their registrar’s office. Those who forget their ID when they go to the polls may cast a provisional ballot, which will be counted if they provide ID in the days following the election. These changes will take effect in time for the 2014 elections.” – Virginia Senator Mark Obenshain

As a family member noted to me, pushers for no ID’s are for cheating.  She pointed out that identification is needed to buy beer, cigarettes, and for cashing checks.  Surely it would make sense to have an ID to vote.

Another friend wrote this: “One person one vote. Be who you are. With identity fraud commonplace, there is no question that you should have to prove who you are.”


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