Christian Conciliation / Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where the parties agree on the outcome, instead of a judge. A mediator does not take sides and speaks the truth as he sees it to both parties. A mediator’s goal is to encourages the parties to come to their own agreements, rather than having a judge decide the outcome. A key benefits to mediation is that the parties control the outcome. Mediation is generally less costly than litigation. It allows resolution of key issues in a timely fashion and results in less post-divorce litigation. Furthermore, mediation is confidential, as opposed to litigation, where court records are subject to public disclosure.

Mr. Louie focuses his mediation services on distressed couples, and specializes in helping parties reach an agreement on issues such as: relationship preservation or restoration, parenting, separation, custody, and equitable distribution. Read his article: “Family Mediation: An Alternative to Battling in Court.”

While Mr. Louie offers regular mediation services, he is particularly interested in offering Christian mediation services to those seeking such services. Mr. Louie is a Certified Christian Conciliator™ with the Institute for Christian Conciliation™.  Mr. Louie sees a huge benefit in following the model developed by Peacemaker Ministries and the Institute for Christian Conciliation in that the parties are encouraged to address personal or relational issues, not just substantive issues such as what to do with property. The parties are encouraged to do the hard thing: recognize how they contributed to a particular conflict and take responsibility for their actions. To learn more about the theology behind this distinctive approach, visit Mr. Louie’s website, While Christians should be particularly interested in Christian Conciliation, the ground rules established by the ICC should be welcome to people of any faith.  For example, the ground rules call the parties to communicate with honesty and respect.

Mr. Louie would be glad to offer you a free mediation consultation. Call (757) 910-0191 to set up an appointment. If you are seeking mediation services from Mr. Louie, it is important that you consider this first, before establishing an attorney-client relationship with him.  Once Mr. Louie wears one hat, either the attorney hat or mediator hat, he can not ethically wear the other hat.