Virginia Beach police responded to 275 crashes this past weekend, as the snow started to fall Friday afternoon. While there were only a few inches on the ground, it was enough snow to cause traffic congestion and traffic accidents around the Virginia Beach area.

As WAVY reports: “Grazia Moyers with the Virginia Beach Police Department said officers responded to 176 accidents and nine accidents with reported injuries between 3 p.m. and midnight Friday.”

Often times police appearing at the scene of an accident write a summons for reckless driving.  Those charged with reckless driving need to recognize that being charged with a criminal misdemeanor is no laughing matter!  Being convicted of reckless driving can effect one’s livelihood and employment opportunities. As I have explained before, defendants should take no chances! If you were involved in a traffic accident and charged with reckless driving, hire an attorney that will defend your rights. Make the Commonwealth prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty as charged.  There are definitely other causes of accidents besides the negligence of the driver.

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