Although I am an attorney licensed in both Pennsylvania and Virginia, my law practice serves the Hampton Roads area.  I have never appeared in the Philadelphia traffic court system.  Apparently, nine traffic court judges in the Philadelphia area have made the news.  They have been indicted in an elaborate ticket fixing scheme.  It is alleged that one traffic court judge campaigned on a promise that he would do favors for his supporters.  Another judge is alleged to have received free car repairs, towing, seafood and videos in exchange for help with traffic tickets.  If the claims are true, this allowed the well-connected to get breaks, leaving everyday citizens out of luck.

According to NBC Philadelphia,

Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Gary S. Glazer, a former federal prosecutor tapped by Pennsylvania Chief Justice Ronald Castille to clean up traffic court, hailed Thursday’s indictment as a “very positive step toward reforming the institution.”

My traffic defense practice has focused on the Hampton Roads area, including the General District and Circuit Courts of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake.  In this area, while each particular judge may have a particular temperament (some being more strict than others) and while each local court has a different norm, I am grateful that I have not seen corruption or favoritism.  That said, I highly advise that defendants get an attorney.

Justice is fair and equitable if it is not who you know and how deep your pockets or connections are, but rather whether defendants and defense attorneys are given the opportunity to make their case before an impartial judge and make the Commonwealth prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  As a traffic defense attorney, I don’t have magic dust, but I study the law and aim to know the particular facts of each of my clients.  There are legal arguments defense attorneys make to get charges reduced or dismissed, while upholding ethics and the rule of law.

If you are charged with Reckless Driving, Driving on a Suspended License, or DUI in Virginia, please call me today for a free consultation.  757-932-0464.

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