Virginia Tickets Affects on North Carolina Driver's LIcense
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Did you know that if you hold a North Carolina driver’s license and you prepay a speeding ticket in Virginia, it could result in your license being suspended by the North Carolina DMV?  Tickets in Virginia between 0-19 mph over the limit are normally prepayable without a court appearance, but paying that ticket can adversely impact a NC license holder.

In Virginia, reckless driving by speed is a misdemeanor and can be charged when a person is doing 20 or more above the speed limit or driving above 80 mph (regardless of the speed limit).  But even if you were not charged with reckless driving by speed in Virginia, prepaying a simple speeding ticket from Virginia would be an admission of guilt and can impact a North Carolina license holder.

The North Carolina DMV Handbook explains (on page 34 of 96):

“Your driving privilege will be revoked for at least 30 days if you are convicted of:

  • Driving any vehicle more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, if you are driving at a speed higher than 55 mph.

It will be taken for 60 days if you are convicted of:

  • A second charge of speeding over 55 mph and more than 15 mph above the speed limit within one year; or
  • Speeding plus reckless driving on the same occasion.

The DMV can also suspend your license for the following:

  • Two convictions of speeding over 55 mph within a period of 12 months;
  • One conviction of speeding over 55 mph and one conviction of reckless driving within a year;
  • A conviction of willful racing with another motor vehicle, whether it is prearranged or unplanned; Your driving privilege will be revoked for at least 30 days if you are convicted of:
  •  A suspended court sentence or part of a sentence mandating that you must not operate a motor vehicle for a specified period of time; and/or
  • A conviction for speeding over 75 mph, in certain cases…  “

For this reason, if you are charged with reckless driving by speed or even a simple speeding ticket in Virginia and you are a North Carolina license holder, it may be important to fight the charge and have your day in court.

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