Recently, the Virginia State Police have taken to Twitter to show that they are enforcing traffic laws in the Hampton Roads area. They recently tweeted a snippet of a traffic summons for a driver in Norfolk charged with reckless driving by speed at 131 mph in a 55 mph zone. With an alleged speed differential of 76 mph, if the Trooper can prove his case, it will be likely that the judge will impose active jail time on the driver.

Please be warned that judges are tough on speeding in Virginia! In many jurisdictions in Virginia, judges consider jail time for reckless driving by speed for doing 30 mph or move above the speed limit. Some judges may even consider jail for 20 mph over the limit if a person’s record is not good. Each case is unique and every jurisdiction has its own norms in regards to how tough the judges are.

13NewsNow notes that there has been an increase in accident fatalities this year when you compare January to mid-June of 2021 to the same period in 2020. This data period can be misleading though because 2020 was anything but ordinary with the Covid-19 pandemic bringing travel to a standstill. Still, let it be known that the Virginia State Police are enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia as travel resumes to pre-pandemic levels.

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